On the Road Again: Charlotte - The Great Southern Exposure 2016



So, the first trip since moving to Reno turned out to be The Great Southern Exposure Pageant in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is fun, because it is smaller city. A 20 minute bus ride from the airport to the downtown area where this years hotel is. You can see some of the outlying areas, and marvel at $2.00 for a gallon of gas. The Pageant has a get together Friday night, and a full on marathon show on Saturday. Friday use to be a show as well, but like so many other cities, venues are dissappearing right before our eyes, and a recent closure threw a wrench in that plan. They did have their annual "hat draw" set list ceremony, which is a fun and fair way of avoiding favoritism in a competition. I drew 6th position, which is not my personal preference, but that's how the rubber ducky floats.