Manufacturing Wing: Stash-buster gone wrong 

Hello from the Manufacturing Wing of Letter Industries. I present to you a stash buster gone wrong. It all started with a pattern I acquired a few years ago, and fabric purchased for an abandoned project (Comic book  theme night with TMCC) several years ago, and some remnant lace and a random bottle of rocaille beads that I can't identify the source on. It was supposed to be a wearable muslin for shows when I need a fast cover to transition from performing to hosting.



It is now several hours into…

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Page vs Screen: The Pleasure Garden (1925) 

You know when you have this grand idea, this huge research project, for years, and you finally set out to start it. You set up a timeline. Start talking about it. Start doing research, and then _________________________________________ nothing. the book doesn't exist, it existed at some point, and there is documentation that the director read the novel, but biographies of the author don't always list a publicationd date, and no copy is to be found anywhere. I was sure a few films wouldn't have novels or…

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On the Road Again: Charlotte - The Great Southern Exposure 2016 



So, the first trip since moving to Reno turned out to be The Great Southern Exposure Pageant in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is fun, because it is smaller city. A 20 minute bus ride from the airport to the downtown area where this years hotel is. You can see some of the outlying areas, and marvel at $2.00 for a gallon of gas. The Pageant has a get together Friday night, and a full on marathon show on Saturday. Friday use to be a show as well, but like so many other cities, venues are dissappearing…

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The Pages Behind the Artists: Billy Liar (Bowie 2 of 100) 

Waterhouse, Keith. Billy Liar. London: Michael Joseph. 1959


Billy Liar is a nonsensical slice of life demonstrating the indecision surrounding the expectations and responsibilities encountered by the youth of the lower middles class. It lays open the bleak hopelessness of lateral movement and the tedious repetition of cultural and political history.

I do not know at what part in Bowie's life he encountered this book, but I cant help but wonder if, as a youth and then as an advertising agent, this book…

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The Pages Behind the Artists: The Brutality of Fact (Bowie 1 of 100) 

Sylvester, David. The Brutality of Fact: Interviews With francis bacon. London: Thames & Hudson. 1987


A collection of 9 interviews compiled from tapes, videos, and transcripts covering a span of 24 years (1962 - 1986). Topics include methods and styles, but also the value, role and importance of the artist. While doing basic research on the book, I found two interviews of David Bowie dating from the early 90's, when he was more involved with the art world than the music world.…

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The Pages behind the Artists: Introduction 

I have been producing shows based around other peoples inspirations and fandoms for 10 years, and building acts for other producers visions even longer (hello themed Rocky Horror shows.) I relocated to Reno, NV last week, and as I do not have any connections or found any immediate performance opportunites yet, I still have a need to create, and the best part of creating is research. So, while building those connections, and finding performance venues and new inspiration, I will be looking at the…

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Page vs Screen: oh, the suspense...... 

This is the start of a new project/series. It has been in the back of my mind for years, maybe decades, and it is time.

Premise: I find literature to be so much "more" than it's cinematic counterparts, and for my personal taste, Alfred Hitchcock has the been the director that has provided the most striking resemblance to that "more." My preferences lean towards mystery and suspense, but not horror. I have other examples that I will get to, such as Val Lewton's Cat People (1942), The Uninvited (1944), and …

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