Page vs Screen: oh, the suspense......

This is the start of a new project/series. It has been in the back of my mind for years, maybe decades, and it is time.

Premise: I find literature to be so much "more" than it's cinematic counterparts, and for my personal taste, Alfred Hitchcock has the been the director that has provided the most striking resemblance to that "more." My preferences lean towards mystery and suspense, but not horror. I have other examples that I will get to, such as Val Lewton's Cat People (1942)The Uninvited (1944), and Portrait of Jennie (1948), but Hitchcock has such a broad and recognizable body of work, that it seemes a logical place to start.

In order of release, I will examine each of his still existing films at the rate of at least 1 a month. I will start each analysis by reading the original printed source material, then watching the movie. When no novel or story is available, the process will go faster. Then, as an artist whose mediums are primarily fabric, motion, and the naked human form, I will endeavor to also recreate a costume and possibly a burlesque piece for each film. This will also force me to document my work, which is not something I do well. A this progresses, I hope to add an auditory aspect, either thru a podcast or my panel show, The Naked Show (and Tell), and eventually, collaborate with other performers to produce a theatrical retrospective, in the burlesque style, of his works.

Shall we begin.....



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