The Pages behind the Artists: Introduction

I have been producing shows based around other peoples inspirations and fandoms for 10 years, and building acts for other producers visions even longer (hello themed Rocky Horror shows.) I relocated to Reno, NV last week, and as I do not have any connections or found any immediate performance opportunites yet, I still have a need to create, and the best part of creating is research. So, while building those connections, and finding performance venues and new inspiration, I will be looking at the inspiration behind some of my favorite artists.


I have seen articles about artists favorite books, movies, music, etc. before, and I tend to save them if I enjoy the artist that compiled them, with the full intent of examining them closer at a future date. Right after David Bowie left this plane of existence, I joined a facbook group that was supposed to be a bookclub for reading the list of Bowie's 100 favorite books. While the entry isn't visible anymore, this list was supposedly posted to facebook by David Bowie himself in 2013. Now, like all things facebook, nothing happened with the group other than a lot of people acquiring the first book on the list. So, I will discuss them with the ether, inbetween my ambitious series "Page vs Screen." Expect my first entry within the week.